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211/365 - Last Day

It’s our last day today. It’s been another amazing day though.

We did this:

And this:

And, I got to mooch around the lavendar place we’d driven past so many times this week. 29 more words

The Girl

Day #101

So. I’m sitting here, trying to find the words to express things. Work was a great distraction but I noticed on the way home that my bummed mood was coming back. 288 more words

Life - Among Other Things

In which I Tell the Girl's Fortune

Yesterday the Girl was cross and cranky because Mr. Facebook kept telling her about a site where she could get a Free Tarot Card Reading, and she is Not Interested in Tarot Card readings, Free or otherwise. 387 more words


210/365 - Exploring

Today was spent exploring a castle:

Swimming, again:

And painting pottery:

We are having a very fab time.

The Girl

Summertime Catch Up

Summertime has been a blast so far. The boy did his week of mountain bike camp and started doing some small jumps (and making my heart stop), my sister had a beautiful and fun wedding , and then we went to Disneyland & the beach! 817 more words

The Boy

Nothing but pics

The last couple weeks have been a bit crazy. Last week I was at work for my final week before two weeks vacation…very busy getting everything I had to done! 166 more words

A Day In The Life

Fun Facts, Day #97

On October 27, 2009, I weighed 224.4 lbs. My weigh in on Friday was 224.6 lbs. Today, I did a tape check because, while the scale has moved since Friday I was still, for some reason, not feeling like I’d accomplished much. 70 more words

Life - Among Other Things