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In which I feature Pollyanna-ish-ness (or, who's driving your bus?)

The time has come to play the Glad Game.

The schmaltzy, sappy, homogenized Disney world in which everyone has a happy ending and learns a valuable lesson before their story is neatly wrapped up has something to teach me, I realized, as I watched Pollyanna last night with my 10 year old. 771 more words

Maximum Joy

Coconut Oil

Last June the previous manager of a small local supermarket got a jar of coconut oil in for me after my enquiry about it for its health benefits. 489 more words

The hidden powers of the “Glad Game”

I am so glad to have started this blog a few weeks back, because it allows me the opportunity of uplifting you. I like to follow the famous quote of “being the change I wish to see in the world”. 1,056 more words