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“Politics and crime, they’re the same thing.”

- Al Pacino, The Godfather Part III

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Review Number One

There are lots of films in the world. This is just a fact and there is no way I can possibly review all of them or even all the ones I’ve seen, I’d be sat here for years just typing and missing new films. 759 more words


Speak Softly, Love...Still

I wrote this last year, on the eve of our tenth anniversary. Another year, another anniversary without the one I love…the words are still true. 787 more words

Netflix Picks - Film

I got Netflix because of Arrested Development season 4, and stayed with it because it has a lot of good stuff on it – also my boyfriend is paying. 394 more words

Film And TV

Maine Style

I was almost late for my hair appointment on Wednesday. My salon is just around the corner these days, about five minutes on foot or two minutes by car, so depending on the calibration of one’s watch, it’s easy to be on time no matter what. 600 more words

Friday Pillow Talk

The Subtle Seducer

What would the world be without movies? I certainly cannot imagine. Stories told as moving pictures with vibrations of sound to match. It is beautiful. 708 more words