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I watched The Godfather

Finally, right?

But how slow is this movie? It’s a good story and everything, but I’m sure it could use a good trim. Not the baptism scene though – there’s a reason that one’s a classic. 13 more words


Soon To Be Released Porn Films From The Arm Chair Pontificator

Check out these porn movies that will soon be available on The Arm Chair Pontificator adult streaming channel.

1.) The Godfather: Part BIG.  I actually star in this little beauty of an erotic masterpiece as The Butler: A mysterious and dashingly handsome man-servant to the Godfather. 389 more words

Religious And Political Satire, And Other Irreverent Humor

All in the family

When you come from a family where you’re apparently supposed to be in debt until the day you die with those who brought you to this world, such a strong bond is created that you either end up indeed yielding and giving your own life for them, or you just end up killing them to set yourself free from that bond. 22 more words

A Brief Tutorial on How Conspiracy Theory Works

I am sometimes reminded of how my rants have been taken seriously by some people who do not seem to grasp the joke. Let me explain by example how Conspiracy Theory works. 1,892 more words

Crime Movies That Will Teach You About Life.

Since the beginning of the 20th Century movies have served as strongholds to describe the social realities of our contemporary world. People often find in movies a source of inspiration that sparks the flame of self understanding. 274 more words

25 Years 25 Things

Today is my 25th birthday. That’s a quarter of a century to pick up a little wisdom, some amazing, some bizarre, and some possibly applicable only to me. 443 more words