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The Best Movie of ... 1972

The year of The Godfather, but apart from that nothing really stands out. I’ll generally try anything for 10 or 20 minutes, but if it shows no promise, it gets binned. 1,008 more words

Youth Without Youth (2007)

Imagine Christopher Nolan or Baz Luhrmann or Roland Emmerich or any other director unwilling to retreat from the staid comfort of big-budget blockbuster filmmaking, and imagine they break their mold for a moment and make a tiny, heartfelt, indie-feel flick with no explosions or battles or tidal waves. 596 more words


The Godfather #14 on Reggie’s Take Movie Franchise Countdown

The Godfather movie franchise is based on the characters from the novel of the same name written by author Mario Puzo. Consisting of three feature length films all directed by Francis Ford Coppola, The Godfather series comes in at #14 in my Reggie’s Take movie franchise countdown. 990 more words


Snooty and Goon: The Drop

One of the mob movie greats takes his final bow with a movie that isn’t worthy to shine his handcrafted Italian shoes. Snooty and Goon give you a yawn-by-yawn account of this lackluster capstone to the cinematic mob genre. 43 more words



7 Fragen, 6 Antworten. Medienmontag, ist klar, ne?

1. Die Pate Trilogie war mir persönlich deutlich zu langatmig einfach weil irgendwie kaum was passiert. Klar, die Filme sind verdammt gut, aber ich könnte mir die nicht alle am Stück geben ohne irgendwo in der Mitte einzupennen… 220 more words

Das Andere


The fishing season has begun. It runs during every month that has the letter “r” in it, which is September to April.

Enormous actions need to be taken… 89 more words