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My Personal Pantheon: A Comprehensive List

Over the last two years, my practice has grown from just one Deity to many. My mind is blown every time I think about where I started to where I am now. 720 more words

Baron Samedi

The Challenges of Heavy Summer

July and August are the hard part of summer for me. Summer and I have never gotten on well, not even as a child, but that was partly because we lived in a flat over a shop in a medium sized town in east central Indiana. 672 more words


Deity of the Day for August 18th is Osiris, Egyptian God of the Underworld

Deity of the Day


Egyptian God of the Underworld

Here are the facts about Osiris, the Ancient Egyptian God.

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A Temple for the Gods

Even if you’re not a sports fan, it would be hard to miss all the excitement around the grand opening of Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA. 195 more words

Christ And Culture

The Sheep People

We are the people who preach to rebels,
run to the hills, seek lost spirits,
prophesy from locked jaws of sheep.

Tetanus, scrapie, foot and mouth, 142 more words


My Holidays

So, I have been a Pagan for almost two years now, and I still have yet to make a holiday schedule in honor of my Gods. 296 more words


Deity of the Day for August 7th is Apollo, Greek God of the Sun

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Greek God of the Sun

Here’s a quick guide to the basic facts about Apollo.

Apollo’s Appearance: A young man with curly golden hair or, sometimes, rays of the sun emanating from his head.. 539 more words

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