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The Golden Ratio

I love to learn. Or re-learn. Or remember things I’ve learned in the past. Last night I was watching “Brain Games” on NatGeo and they talked about how people find each other attractive. 371 more words


Stradivarius: Music of the Golden Ratio

For generations, violins created by the master luthier Stradivarius are known for their tone quality and their aesthetic form. Genuine Stradivarius violins were highly sought after, prized and treasured.  143 more words


Reflecting on Kant, the ideal of beauty

This is a huge subject and I can only summarise my understanding here and it’s by no means complete.

I. Kant, On Critique of Judgement Book 1, 1790… 484 more words

The Golden Ratio

“Golden Ratio Gods Signature”

God has left a signature in His creation through the golden ratio. The golden ratio is found it many maybe all animals, plants, insects an people. 11 more words

The Golden Number

Phi can be constructed using simple geometry. Phi is the proportion of a line such that if the line was divided into two parts with one larger than the other, the ratio of the entire line to the larger subsection of the line is the same as the ratio of the larger subsection to the smaller subsection.

The Golden Ratio