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Paid Gig

I’m still on semi-blogging break, but I wanted to let you in on a few announcements.

First, I got a job writing a weekly column for… 113 more words


Blogging Break

The boys are out of school, so we are doing something that many kids don’t get to do nowadays–playing. For the first three weeks of summer, we are going to swim, bike, watch movies, and eat Popsicles, so I won’t be blogging too much. 293 more words


Dear Dadmissions, Please Calm Down About Father's Day

Almost two years ago I signed up for the Good Men Project’s newsletter and have since realized that it’s actually a daily delivery of the best Milk Toast Good Guy Male Feminist NOT ALL MEN posts the internet has to offer. 1,026 more words

Today's Obligatory Blog Post: Brought to you by Misandry, Misogyny, and Toxic Party People.

I am trying to post at least one blog post a day, partially to keep up with it, because I am notorious for starting things, and then getting distracted, and then I’ll go months not posting anything, and then find a blog I started 4 years ago, that I didn’t keep up with, as I am starting a new one (yes, that happened, evidently I had a BDSM community blog back when I was partnered.)   I am finding writing quite cathartic actually. 657 more words

Do Haitians Have Their Own Media Voice? - The Good Men Project

“Most of the reporting in Haiti is done by Western journalists, and often about issues pertaining to natural disasters, to poverty. They show the sad face of Haiti. 152 more words