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Love subjectively: translating Luke 10

This post of mine takes a rather subjective perspective. You could call it my commentary.

This morning I’m struck by what I perceive as the Greek Rhetoric influence on the gospel of Luke. 701 more words


five minute friday_SHARE


I cannot  think of sharing without thinking about the word: alleviate

One’s excess purposely projected, like a well practiced pitch, to another so sinking down the act of raising boot off the ground is exhausting. 249 more words

Five Mintue Friday: A Writing Prompt

Misplacing God. Where Was the Last Place you saw Him?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about where we find God. Growing up I thought He was in church on Sunday mornings. I believed we went through the week trying to hold on for the ride until we could find safety and refuge in church on Sunday. 1,495 more words


Short Stories by Jesus: A Book Review

Short Stories by Jesus is an unsettling, innovative reading of some of Jesus’ most-beloved parables. I absolutely loved Amy Jill Levine’s book Misunderstood Jew… 721 more words


Aria and the Stranger

Once upon a time there was a wanderer traveling the wilds of a distant homeland. Her name was Aria, and she was a princess in disguise. 748 more words


Enemy Love and The Good Samaritan in “Fury”

I love going to see movies, especially ones which make me think! Several weeks ago, my wife and I went to see the movie Fury… 2,245 more words

The Woman With the Comfy Hat

It was just a Taco Bell. The likes of which I’d seen many times before. It was the same food, same in-and-out mentality. Only this time, I was actually looking around. 1,414 more words