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You Are Loved

It’s a simple thought: You are loved. But it’s exactly what I needed to hear today.My eyes filled with tears as I read the end of an email containing this message; and though the person who sent it probably ends all of their emails this way, I was deeply moved by the sweet reminder: I am loved. 1,005 more words


Husbands, Love and Serve Your Wives

As I was contemplating what Christ did for His children this past Easter, I was reminded of a sobering reality.  We, as husbands, should be sacrificially loving and serving our wives. 1,033 more words

Christian Worldview

She knows

We were standing in the sunshine, my brave and determined friend and I. Our boys were posing and smiling for pictures, all dressed up in tuxedos and sunglasses, both of which seem to be compulsory attire for senior prom, the sunglasses as important as the tuxedo. 414 more words

The Gospel

The message of 1 Timothy – Chapter 1

vs 1-11; Paul, leaves Timothy at Ephesus. Instructs him to remain in Ephesus. Paul addresses several issues that were relevant to the church at Ephesus. The theme of this letter is found in 3:15; how one should ‘behave‘ in church. 307 more words

Sermon Reviews

The More I Come to Know You--Musical Guest Post

Emee O’Reilly is a dear friend and leads worship at our church.  Over the years, the Lord has given her many songs.  Emee’s music has a way of bypassing all my defenses.   145 more words


Say You're Sorry!


A loud bang.


Then louder screaming.


I round the corner to see my two little girls in tears crying over the remains of a broken My-Littlest-Pony-Petshop-Barbie-Vetrinarian-Dog-House-Palace thing… Honestly, I have no idea what it is–it’s big, pink, plastic and even duct tape won’t work for this job. 1,055 more words

The Gospel