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Video: Charlie Chaplin's Message to Humanity

One of the most inspirational speeches in recorded history was made by Charlie Chaplin in the movie “The Great Dictator”.

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The Great Dictator

I’m sure I have mentioned this somewhere before, but I actually inherited this blog from a friend who was no longer able to give the time to writing posts. 874 more words


The Great Dictator (1940), Charles Chaplin

This is the first film in the start of my 1940’s Series, dedicated to helping me learn a bit more about the films and the film-culture surrounding the 1940’s. 979 more words

Human Beings Are Like That

Many people claim to know me,
And yet so few of you have ever understood;

Since the tender age of five,
I have endured, largely in private, 937 more words

Gets me every time...

This Scene from “The Great Dictator” is perhaps one of the most beautiful, awe inspiring, disturbingly saddening, and yet hopeful scenes in the totality of the history of not only film, but the written word, and although I am somewhat Socratic when it comes to my views on democracy, and a little too pink for general society, it makes my heart hurt every time I watch it.  33 more words


Great Dictator Revisited As Political Satire



Korean dictator and koo-koo bird Kim Jung II has threatened war over a comedy movie by James Franco and Seth Rogan as two gayish CIA assassins out to get him. 302 more words

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Why Must It...

The day and age of disrespect and dishonesty is among us, fire up your greed gloves and get ready for action.

Sometimes I honestly ask myself why I am nice to people these days. 352 more words

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