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The Sony Hack: From a Funny Leak to a Horrifying Precedent

I avoid politics on my film blog because it very rarely has a place being here. However recently it has become such an all-consuming part of the film news world I thought I should chime in. 334 more words



A lot of things I agree with, few things that I don’t. More than anything our abilities, our talents, our strengths are capable of so much. 68 more words

Kim Jong Un is Glorious Leader Who Knows All (Except the Streisand Effect)

Sony Pictures has announced that it will be pulling the move The Interview(a comedy about the assassination of Kim Jong Un starring Seth Rogan and James Franco) from theaters before its release because of 80% of theaters around the country announcing they felt uncomfortable showing it. 1,701 more words

Current Events


Dear god.  What a rotten world we live in.

Let’s start at the end, with the most recent development: Sony is completely canceling any release plans… 650 more words

Steve Carell gives a powerful reminder of when Hollywood had courage [video]

Twitchy reported earlier how the situation with North Korea hacking and threatening Sony Pictures over “The Interview” led to the scrubbing of a Steve Carell project set in North Korea.  253 more words


Kim Jong-Unacceptable! 'The Interview' release cancelled, plus my thoughts.

If you asked me yesterday what I thought the most important film of the year was, I would easily say Boyhood, which transcended time as a factor of fiction filmmaking. 591 more words


My Favourite Inspiring Speech

My favourite inspiring speech may be a surprising choice to those who know me.  Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech is the one most friends believed would be my choice.   754 more words