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Awakening From the Trance of Unworthiness

I wish I could say I’d written this… but I haven’t :-)

I just wanted to point y’all to an excellent article by Tara Brach about the “obstacle” of unworthiness on a spiritual path. 105 more words

The Great Work

Holding On To Hate

Do you hate your job? Your life? Injustice? Death?

It’s easy to figure out what you don’t want. It’s working out what you do want that’s hard – and therein lies the problem. 529 more words

The Great Work

What if We Prayed--or Preached--Differently?

Lately, I’ve been reading Thomas Berry. Berry was a “geologian”–an ecological theologian–who began decades ago talking about the environment, and the universe, and the cosmos, and how we’d better start taking them all more seriously. 832 more words

Climate Change