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Calvary Review

Three years ago, writer/director John Michael McDonagh and star Brendan Gleeson delivered The Guard, a phenomenal black comedy set in rural Ireland. Together again, following on from that is a more serious, but often equally hilarious, account of one man coming to terms with mortality. 510 more words


Film Review: Calvary

‘Simultaneously thought-provoking and self-indulgent, John Michael McDonagh’s latest black comedy is rescued by Gleeson’s compelling performance’

With John Michael McDonagh’s last portrait of rural Ireland in mind, I approached Calvary with eager anticipation. 607 more words


Calvary - Review

Calvary is a film which unfolds in two distinct and unsympathetic amplitudes. On one level is the grounded and subtle central performance by Brendan Gleeson as late vocation Priest Fr James Lavelle. 444 more words


Calvary (John Michael McDonagh, 2014)

The first thing that becomes apparent in “Calvary” is that Brendan Gleeson has put in another mesmerising lead performance for a McDonagh brother. 

Following on from the younger brother Martin’s stellar debut “In Bruges” and older John’s previous feature “The Guard”, “Calvary” sees Gleeson as a “good” priest, Father James, who is confronted with a death threat during a confessional – he knows the identity of his proposed murderer, even if we do not.  578 more words

Film Crime Log: Calvary, Raid

With Easter approaching you may well be looking for some films to go to see. If it’s whimsical romance you’re after – Easter bunnies, trilling tits, and all that tra la la – you’ve come to the wrong place. 286 more words