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Book Swap Update: Justin Responds About The Gunslinger

The Book Swap project is already off to a rocky start. Katie stopped reading The Gunslinger halfway through, and last night we had a fight when she rejected another book that I gave her (The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson) after only reading one sentence. 1,280 more words

Written By Justin

Preview: The Gunslinger by Stephen King

“I realized that what I wanted to write was a novel that contained Tolkien’s sense of quest and magic but set against Leone’s almost absurdly majestic Western backdrop,” says King in the introduction to  311 more words

Stephen King

Katie Fails Book Swap #1

Just two days into the book swap I was forcing myself to pick up The Gunslinger. I kept falling asleep in the middle of reading sentences, and I had a lot of trouble being “in it,” and concentrating on the novel at hand. 1,430 more words

Written By Katie

The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three

This book starts with man-eating lobsters. Roland (our hero) finds himself on lying on a beach surrounded by plus-size crustaceans. One of them takes a good bite and the rest try to join in. 641 more words


Book Swap 2014

In order to reach outside of their comfort zones and learn even more about each other, Justin and Katie are embarking on a new project. Over the next several months, they will read each other’s favorite books and give book reports here on the blog. 1,904 more words


Childe Jason to the Dark Tower Came

We all come to the Dark Tower in our own time.

I spent most of my high school years eating through the Stephen King catalogue. This was back when my attention span was such that I could Belle my way through the halls of my school, book in hand, without being bothered by anything. 2,590 more words

Stephen King's The Dark Tower Series: Overviews, Experiences, and Thank Yous

(Originally posted elsewhere early in 2015. I didn’t read seven books in a few days for that would be crazy)

Today marks my finishing of the… 1,692 more words