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Who said sweats were only for the gym

Loving the jogger trend ! Comfy yet stylish and pairing it with the also trending neutral tones ! One of my favorite ways to transition from spring to summer. 43 more words

The Happening

Episode 74: Top 3 Worst Movies

This week on the podcast we take a break from the usual format of discussing some B Movie of the past or present. Each of us have made a list of 3 of the worst movies we have ever seen. 204 more words


What Ever Happened to M. Night Shyamalan?

I have a handful of favorites: authors, actors, singers, etc.  These people have earned such faithful loyalty that I will watch/read/listen to whatever they release simply because I have enough confidence in them to believe my time will not be wasted. 647 more words

Random Ramblings

Obsession 4:

So this obsession involves glee. I know many people do not like glee, even their own gleek fandom hate what they are doing with the show these past seasons. 168 more words

My 2014 Valentine's

How did you spend your Valentine’s this year? Yeah, I know… “seriously, you’re asking me this question one month¬†after Valentine’s?!”

But you see, that’s because I want to share mine: 84 more words

One Photo A Day

I've Given Up On M.Night Shyamalan

I want to take a little time to recall some brilliant films. Do you remember a movie about a child who could see and talk to dead people? 489 more words