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The Heirs

If you live in Korea, specially in Seoul, I’m sure you’ve heard, or you’ve watched the drama “The Heirs”.

Actually, this month I started watching it and I find it interesting. 380 more words


"Alright Goodnight" by The Heirs

When Noho siblings Brandon and Savannah Hudson take the stage, they become The Heirs. The teenage duo recently leaked their first single, “Alright Goodnight,” off their forthcoming debut EP… 49 more words

Indie Power Pop

The Heirs: (Re-think) Coming Out of the Closet at Last (4)

Here we are… the fourth instalment of the kdrama that left me in denial. By this time, people reaction is either loving it or hating it… and as for me, I’m still eagerly waiting for more to come yet always end up somewhat unsatisfied… I feel empty and disappointed, because though every scene is at its best, but the essence (or lack of it) fails to deliver something to the heart, the one thing that kdrama is supposed to be good at. 8,245 more words


[Phim] One, who wants to wear the crown, bears the crown.

Mình nhớ năm ngoái, có một dạo status của nhiều bạn là trông chờ The Heirs – Những người thừa kế, phim thần tượng Hàn Quốc, có thể nói là một hiện tượng và được trông chờ từng tập phim và những bình luận mong ngóng đầy cảm xúc. 1,687 more words

Kim Ji-Won in Vector Art

This is Kim Ji-Won of “The Heirs” in Vector Arts. This is my first near-to-reality vector art. This is my own original style of digital art since most digital artists focus on Raster or Pixel-baseed Arts, I focus myself on Vector Arts to attain the near-to-reality painting/drawing. 196 more words

Adobe Illustrator

Alonso Ruizpalacios' 'Gueros’ Tops Los Cabos Festival

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Appropriately for a festival that in part sets out to showcase new Mexican talent to the U.S. and Canada, Alonso Ruizpalacios’ feature debut “Güeros” – sold by Mundial, a joint venture of IM Global and Canana – won the top award at the 3rd Los Cabos Festival. 999 more words


Review: The Heirs

As I mentioned in my 49 Days post, the sequence of the series you watch depends on the last one you finished. After watching Personal Taste, I endlessly googled Lee Min Ho and came upon The Heirs. 1,568 more words

Jung Yong Hwa