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II The High Priestess

the steady currents, the meandering paths
an inrush of perceptive genius
a gentle swelling towards the subconsciousness;
know this:
to know is to look within… 396 more words


When She Speaks, I Listen!

The High Priestess

I was gifted the Shadowscapes Tarot deck for Yule by my lovely eldest daughter and since, I have taken anywhere from one to 6 or 7 cards per week to meditate over and to simply try and “feel” their meaning before I start filling my head with all the “book learning”. 157 more words


Integrating the High Priestess Tarot Card in Your Life

The High Priestess is tarot favorite as she represents intuition, inner knowledge and the powerful hidden force of the female. Her connection to the moon and water, flow and magic make her an iconic soul sister and mirror to the spirit. 554 more words


The Emperor Tarot Card Interpretation-4-

The Emperor is the masculine counterpart to the the Empress and as where she is representative of fertility and manifested potential, he is representative of the authority one has over their domain. 479 more words


2 - The High Priestess

What if the major arcana presented itself to us in story form?

In the abyss, The Fool learns from The Magician that he can use magic in order to return to the path after falling into an abyss.  304 more words


The High Priestess Tarot Card Interpretation-2-

The High Priestess tarot card can be described as the counterpart to the Magician tarot card. It is a card deeply rooted with “feminine” symbolic meaning. 258 more words