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II The High Priestess

What does the card depict? 

The High Priestess usually depicts a wise looking woman sitting in between two pillars of opposite color. She has a large headdress, holds a scroll, and has a half moon at her feet. 571 more words


Tarot and the New Consciousness

I bought my first tarot deck when I was in junior high, probably around 12 years old.  I was naturally into the occult at the time as it was prevalent in pop culture, like in that awesome movie… 1,031 more words

Card Meanings

Reading #3

Okay, so as I was shuffling, my birthday came to mind. My birthday is at the end of this month, and while I know that it can’t be a complete reading, considering that I’m not using all of the cards. 112 more words


Tarot Tuesday: The Two of Pentacles

This week’s Tarot Tuesday post features the Two of Pentacles.  This card shows a young man juggling two pentacles between his hands and an infinity symbol.   462 more words


Tarot: Symbolism of the High Priestess

Hermit’s take on Nuin as the High Priestess

An old woman might seem like an unconventional choice for this card, but she is everything this card stands for: a keeper of ancient and hidden wisdom, one who values intuition over cold, hard, facts. 805 more words


Pithy Tarot meanings -- The High Priestess

The High Priestess
Sometimes our dreams are smarter than we are.
Note that this pithy meaning was inspired by a quote in BONE (by Jeff Smith). 46 more words