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The Blame Game

We all make mistakes, and we all seek forgiveness. Ironically, we also tend to downplay our own mistakes and over-dramatize the mistakes of others. And because we know what our intentions were, we expect forgiveness to come easy for the ones we have hurt or disappointed, yet we find it so difficult to forgive those that have crossed us. 1,059 more words

Be The Change

Design for Discourse--How to prevent dogs and cats from fighting

This semester I entered my junior year of industrial design, which means more special topics and advanced studios so I can further figure out my place as an industrial designer in this world. 231 more words

Form And Forming

Doing The Right Thing When You Don't Want To (and you're pretty sure it won't work anyway)

I remember when I was a kid growing up with two other siblings, fairness was always an issue (and a totally rational excuse for starting a fight). 1,479 more words

Be The Change

The High Road

Hanging with the ghosts of the Cam High Road; Roman military route, Georgian turnpike, modern day weekend haunt of bike riders who’ve strayed off the tarmac for a bit…


BIFB Side Project: August, Terry Fallis, The High Road

“She said something about the high road still having gutters…Not sure what that means.”

The problem with The High Road is it sets my hopes too, well, high. 521 more words

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