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Savage Model 11 Trophy Hunter XP in .260 Rem

What makes an entry level rifle? What features must it have or rather, not have, in order to make it worth buying? We are in a new era. 744 more words


Cimarron’s Uberti 1873 Saddle Ring Carbine in 32WCF

Water seeped into my boots as I shuffled along the dewy floor in the forest on another sultry day in July. I had made my way up a gravel and dirt national forest road to a small foot path that gave way to an overgrown field of various knee and chest high weeds. 1,745 more words


The Blame Game

We all make mistakes, and we all seek forgiveness. Ironically, we also tend to downplay our own mistakes and over-dramatize the mistakes of others. And because we know what our intentions were, we expect forgiveness to come easy for the ones we have hurt or disappointed, yet we find it so difficult to forgive those that have crossed us. 1,059 more words

Be The Change