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The Students vs. The Hill: An Unnecessary Civil War



Senior Ali Veatch comments on the relationship between students and the administration. 909 more words


Iranian Regime Continues To Terrify Citizens Into Submission

The number of human rights violations under the rule of the Iranian regime continues to soar at an alarming rate.  Most recently was a wave of acid attacks on women, after the Iranian regime passed a bill providing greater authority to the “morality police.”  These “enforcers, ” who are not part of the authority forces, take it upon themselves to choose who should be punished.   233 more words


The Hill (Part 6)

Today was quite cold, the first proper cold of the winter really, a cold which puts a hard white frost on the meadows of the valley floor, a cold which lays swatches of frozen run-off shining diagonally across moorland roads in the low sun, and a cold which forces bike riders to put on their thick top, their thick gloves, their thick hat which they think looks cool but everyone else, well, doesn’t, and their thick bottoms which, unused since February and reinforced against the wind have all the flexibility of a pair of wet levis left overnight on a Moscow January washing line, all to pursuade their legs to go outside the front door. 141 more words


The Hill: Jason Johnson on Race Relations Under President Barack Obama

Hiram College professor Jason Johnson was quoted in The Hill in the article “Have Race Relations Improved During Obama’s Presidency.”

“What he’s failed to do consistently is express the anger and frustration of a very important constituency of his own to not just cultural misunderstandings, but to structural oppression,” said Jason Johnson, a professor of political science at Hiram College who faulted Obama for taking a middle of the road approach on issues of race.

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Barack Obama

Reps press for gas tax hike

by Keith Laing, The Hill Newspaper

A bipartisan pair of lawmakers pushed Wednesday for a 15-cent increase in the tax that is paid by drivers when they fill up at the pump. 752 more words

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