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DNC chief: 'We’re going to hold the Senate'

This is from The Hill.

Life for Debbie Whatsherface Schultz must be extremely hard being a delusional as she is.

She needs to be on medication or in a straight jacket in a padded room. 244 more words

The Hill (Part 4)

Saturday was spent indoors Breakfast Club fashion debating which of us most correlated with which classic saturday detention movie cast members but Sunday was for being outdoors and the hill is as outdoors as anywhere and is also, despite or perhaps because of being one of the most exposed places you can ride a bike for some miles due to its position at the northern edge of Yorkshire’s bit of the Pennines, looking out across the gap in the hills through which passes the main east-west motor highway between my corner of England’s North East and our daffodil bothering cousins over in Cumbria, a road itself sometimes closed to some or even all vehicles on particularly windy days, a kind of default ride if stormy weather is forecast. 157 more words


Brat — The protesting Protestant?

Religion’s role in Dave Brat’s stunning primary win over Eric Cantor.

There’s an early Philip Roth story about a bunch of Jewish kids in Hebrew school trying to figure out whether Jesus lived or not.

52 more words

Dollar Tree stores accused of ‘willfully and repeatedly’ endangering workers

By: David Ferguson

The Dollar Tree chain of discount stores is under fire from federal worker protection agencies over what officials say is a pattern of disregard for worker safety standards. 277 more words