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My Favourite Fictional Universes

As a fantasy writer (and someone who hasn’t really been able to afford to travel much) I love making up my own fictional worlds with their little quirks and details. 1,903 more words


Of Urban and Ori

Anna Friel is interviewed about her role in Urban and the Shed Crew. Good to see that promo is starting, at least to some degree. 78 more words

Richard Armitage

April Challenge: Day Eighteen

Happy Good Friday to you Dear Readers if you celebrate it (and even if you don’t I hope it is still a good Friday for you too).   68 more words

It’s a Quill wind that blows… and so does journalism

Once upon a time… in my first salaried job… a tired embittered ancient (I guess this guy was forty) started to berate me. When he started on about his twenty years in the job, I said: ‘You’ve not had twenty years’ experience, you’ve had the same six months’ experience 40 times.’ 824 more words

What If?

Everything Wrong with the Desolation of Smaug!

Man, those Cinema Sins folks really didn’t like Desolation of Smaug. Personally, I rather enjoyed the film. I didn’t care for the ending being such an insane cliffhanger, but we’re already closing in on next December, so it won’t be long now before that cliffhanger just doesn’t matter anymore. 61 more words