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4 Keys To Pursuing The Perfect Burger

This is a think piece, and as such, we must embrace thought and debate. The world’s best hamburger is, sadly, unknowable, but to pursue it can bring us ever closer. 834 more words

Valourbörn's Got Villains: The Black Knight


*cue cheesy game show music*

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, baddies and ne’er-do-wells, to the final installment of VALOURBÖRN’S GOT VILLAINS!

In this round, we’re taking a look at The Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail! 398 more words

Heroes And Villains

TV Spin Offs

A great TV show always has a great movie spin off. False.

A bad TV show always has a bad movie spin off. False.

Do I love movie spin offs. 300 more words


Could the Gospels in the Bible be Wrong?

Question:     Is the Gospels that are in the Bible currently actually maybe wrong? The reason I ask if it is wrong is because a new book has recently surfaced called the “Book of Barnabas.” 411 more words


The Occasional Psychic Newman

Hi Erin,

Can you see scary things in my future, like if I’m sick or going to die? And if so, will you tell me?  Or are you just gonna let me croak? 550 more words

Psychic Reading

The Hunchback and the Gallows Part 2

We found the wagon near Brayford, but the drivers were already dead. In fact, there were a lot of dead littered about the scene. While I liked walking into a room to see naked bossoms bouncing blissfully whilst being smothered in oil, the scene before me was decidedly different. 449 more words


Monty Python's Spamalot

Monty Python’s Spamalot

Harvest Rain

QPAC Concert Hall

October 2 – 5 2014

Reviewed by Xanthe Coward

Right. Look, every company has a sacred cow and… 640 more words

Performing Arts