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The Hidden Meaning of the Holy Grail

Merlin was a great Wizard who lived at the end of the 5th century and the beginning of the 6th century. He was a magician, a prophet and an advisor, active in all phases of the administration of King Arthur’s kingdom. 1,639 more words


Watch Monty Python's Farewell

“Monty Python” Stars Bid an Emotional Farewell in…: http://youtu.be/KaDGc2LWzGo

I grew up on Monty Python with my Dad showing us The Meaning of Life and… 97 more words

MONTY PYTHON'S THE HOLY GRAIL - The Funniest Film Ever (Ever!)

With the classic Monty Python line-up being talked about a fair bit recently, having performed their final ever stage appearance together this week, I am prompted to reflect on how great, how groundbreaking, how genuinely funny, this motley crew of trail-blazing, cutting-edge, English comedy writers and actors have been in their time – particularly in their prime. 1,314 more words

Great Debate #8: What are the best MacGuffins?

Great Debate Number Eight has reminded me of some great (and bad) plot devices in film history.  Some of these MacGuffins are famous, like the illuminated “briefcase” in Pulp Fiction, but others have a more notorious reputation.   878 more words


Old men can still be interesting – Monty Python nostalgia

I’ve never been interested in older men, it’s just not my thing I guess. However, there are a couple of men who caught my attention when I was younger. 530 more words


The Book of Taliesin, chaps 11-12


Chapter Eleven:

The Further Transformations of Taliesin

Gereint’s ship sped over a cloudless sea, with its sails tied around the wind. But in the poet’s heart, a hundred questions burn and roll. 10,774 more words