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This week's Bible study will be the first half of Romans chapter 14.

Accepting One Another Without Being Judgmental

Today in our ongoing study of the book of Romans, I will move on to chapter 14. Since there is a lot of subject matter to discuss, I am going to divide this portion of the study into 2 halves out of respect and thoughtfulness towards all the new believers who are reading this posting. 1,368 more words


The Holy Spirit

In the past having given consideration to the attributes of God our Father, and then to a contemplation of some of the glories of God our Redeemer, it now seems fitting that these should be followed by this series on the Holy Spirit. 1,531 more words

The Holy Spirit

to excel

I wonder why anyone should accept mediocrity in anything, of course I’m thinking in terms of any legitimate thing in this life. From serving coffee to being a CEO. 576 more words

Crave For The Holy Spirit

Who Is The Holy Spirit

Our Lord Jesus Christ introduced His disciples to the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of “Truth” and “The Counselor”, who will come after He ascend to heaven. 2,587 more words


Why the Lord Used Parables (And Why So Many Christians Still Don’t Get It). Part Deux

         Real Christians must always guard against religious indoctrination. The human mind in its fallen state is such that it has no reference to truth, no infrastructure toward a standard basis of spiritual knowledge and fact, and no ability to properly comprehend that which can only be spiritually discerned. 1,641 more words
Lord Jesus

All Christians are Pentecostals

The day of Pentecost in the year that Jesus died is one of the most unusual and important events in the history of the world. For the Church, this day is the day. 715 more words

Young Adult Sunday School

2 Kings 11-12, Galatians 2

Partial Restoration.

2 Kings 11-12, Galatians 2

For through the law I died to the law, so that I might live to God.  I have been crucified with Christ. 1,374 more words