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Letting Go

My husband, Chris and I decided recently that after 15 years in our home, it is time for some updating. Which means the past several weekends have been spent tackling rooms and spaces that have been accumulating stuff for too many years. 956 more words


You know, I sure like to give away or sell the things that  I’m not using any longer.  Last week I was having work done in the house and needed to move furniture around. 196 more words

Anne: Ironstone + French Enamel 2:1

Hi guys!!

I would like you to meet Anne! We affectionately call her Queen Anne around here. Both my four year old and three year know what I’m asking when I tell them to pull out their preschool work from, Queen Anne. 205 more words

Trash to Treasure

I know some people are completely freaked out about “trash picking”.  I guess I view it more like, “I would buy that if they had a garage sale, but they threw it out instead!”  Two nights ago, my kids and I drove by a house that was being sold and in front was a plethora of items.   252 more words

Annie Sloan

My Inner Fish? A Big "Fish Story"

I have a confession to make. My name is Shanna and I am a “closet” foodie. Both the irony and hilarity of this is not lost on those who know me very well. 1,199 more words

The Home

Renovation Recap

Recently, I featured before and after photos on Instagram of all the renovation/redesign projects my husband and I have done since we lived here in the house. 84 more words


Dear Homeschool Mom, You Deserve an A+

Dear Homeschool Mom,

Has it been “one of those days” AGAIN today? Have you decided to throw in the towel or at least planned a solid escape route to go hide in the bathroom? 800 more words

The Home