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Peter Cartwright - born



9/1 Peter Cartwright was born in 1785, in Amherst Co., VA.  He was raised in KY where his dad, an ungodly man, taught him the sins of the day; but his mother, a God-fearing Methodist, prayed daily for her wild son.  120 more words

Today In History

Beyond Death

You made a million dollars. 

You left a million behind at death. 

You (& your wife :) ) “made” 2-6 children. 

You take (if raised right) 2-6 children beyond death.

– eab, 8/6/14


Serious Frivolity


Society has gotten serious about the frivolous,

(Grown men make millions at play) 

And has gotten frivolous about the serious,

Adultery is a serious word – sin has its pay.

- eab, 5/13/09


Ruth Wanted Truth


The was a young lady named Ruth,

Who, though Moabite, desired the truth.

Her mother-n-law, started to leave,

To her, Ruth did lovingly cleave.

Not ALL  … 7 more words



You have a relative/friend who was raised in the narrow way, has switched to the broad way, and yet professes “all is well.”  There are 3 ways to react to this: 1) You can accept the change and call them “Christian” (though they diametrically oppose some of your basic beliefs).  64 more words



she + debacle

from #flippingtheblock tweet from HGTV

Have you ever experienced a "shebacle"? #FlippingtheBlock

— HGTV (@hgtv) August 18, 2014



pen + enthusiast

from a Gravatar profile for MuseBoxx, who is a self-described fountain penthusiast

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