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I fail at friending.

For the past… At least 4 years, I have had a birthday gift for my best friend Katie stored under my bed. For the past 4 years, every time, I have forgotten that it is there, and have gotten her something else. 119 more words

Best Friend Katie

Applesauce and Water

The Monday before Veteran’s Day, Mr. MDP was home.  The Little Pioneers and I always have difficulty concentrating on school when he is here, so I decided that we all get a four day weekend.   354 more words

The Homestead

At 13 degrees, don't touch the iced tent sides!

This experience, while considered by many to be slightly insane, is very educational for me. It is an opportunity to learn while learning is optional and not mandatory, or driven by necessity. 1,006 more words


A Cold Morning and Lots of Cutting

We are back up at the homestead this morning. It’s forecasted to be a nice day but it’s definitely fall. Frost on the ground and 30 degrees Fahrenheit, we’re racing to get the cabin dried in. 59 more words

The Homestead

Cabin Building Progress

SO much has happened since I last posted, so here is my attempt to get you up to speed…

We finished our blue pine floor: 163 more words

The Homestead

Water Heater Havoc

As you have probably assumed, by reading our previous posts, sometimes we take on jobs that would seem out of the ordinary and sometimes overwhelming. The latest project, though not foreseen as being a concern, could be considered one of those that got out of hand. 737 more words

The Homestead

The new Garage is going up

I’ve gotten a bit behind with all that went on this summer! Most of these photos were taken over 4 months ago now! I still can’t believe how much work a small team of focused men can do! 173 more words

The Homestead