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Midnight Screaming: Wake in Fright

Australia’s great lost film, Wake in Fright, is a movie of untold wonders that might have been better left untold. Released in 1971, the film is mesmerizing but was nearly lost to the muck from whence it came, fitting considering  it’s bleak, cynical worldview of perpetual loss and… 1,875 more words


BREAKING HORROR NEWS: Sam Raimi is developing an Evil Dead TV series

Here’s some interesting news for horror fans. Apparently Sam Raimi–director of the original Evil Dead films and other genre gems like Darkman and Drag Me to Hell… 111 more words


Who knew Jerry Seinfeld was a fan of bad horror?

I was just watching an old Seinfeld rerun–a 1996 episode called “The Showerhead” where Jerry and his buddies are forced to purchase “black market” showerheads through… 144 more words

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