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Principles for dialogue

Some of my favourite conversations are the ones where there is mutual interest and respect even if there isn’t understanding or agreement. I love it when there is mutual teaching and learning, where each person challenges each other and takes something good from each other. 163 more words


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At first, I thought this post was about writing, but, turns out, it's about every day life. Real life. And I wish more people would read it, because civil dialogue seems to be going the way of the Dodo bird (extinct), the longer I live. Talking to some people in my life is like walking through a minefield, not knowing if a word I've said will blow up in my face now, or unexpectedly later. And for God's sake, don't even hint that they could be wrong. Yikes.

Enter the Unknown

I woke up this morning
shaking in my bed
I couldn’t help but think
of all the words
that you once said
the more I try to reason it… 171 more words



It’s a great mystery-
the journey of a cycle
and the parenthesis that is
neither a beginning nor an end
but what we fear.

I saw a leaf unfold to curl; 77 more words

The Human Condition

God is the Elephant in the Room

God is the elephant in the room.

The “elephant in the room,” according to Wikipedia, is “an English metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is either being ignored or going unaddressed” ( 875 more words


Don't Be A Dick


Disagree with me?

Well that’s just fine and dandy

But don’t be a dick



Sometimes when we favor and make choices based on comparison, we are blinded by the margin which otherwise would not exist in an unobstructed scenario.

Keeping it in perspective

Further to a week on one-way emails, messaging, skyping, coming close to tears, and eventually giving up completely, it has been a pleasurable weekend completely off-air. 944 more words

The Human Condition