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Choose to be happy now, on your own, and watch it all change.

“Happiness is around the next corner. Wealth is down the street.” — the fortune I just opened and read in my fortune cookie tonight

Yes, fortune cookies are just a fun tradition, I know that. 61 more words

Real Life


Absolute BeautyWe’ve all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do you agree? is all beauty contingent on a subjective point of view? 95 more words
Daily Prompts

Your Mind Can Control Matter

Is this one of the reasons why we are kept so busy in our own heads, so we won’t work out what we are really capable of? 104 more words

The Research Library

The Essence of the Experience

Some truths are harder than others, as shown by John’s analysis of Jeane’s dream. One might ask: are we really born here to get a good job and raise a family, etc? 1,403 more words

Inner / Outer

Consciousshift on the Shift of Consciousness

This man know what he’s talking about. The change will only come from inside, not from protests, marches or riots.
As Alexander Haig once said… 50 more words

The Human Condition

I Feel Bad for the Man that Holds All His Life the Weapon

Silence is never the answer, only emotion afraid to be shown. When we choose silence over communication, there’s nothing logical about this-yet the most logical minds do it. 327 more words