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'Because a fire was in my head'

W B Yeats evocative poem ‘The Song of the Wandering Aengus’;
throughout his poetry, Yeats works with the inescapable polarities
inherent in being human. One  is the gap created… 163 more words


Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking.. aka TRUST.

This has inspired me beyond measure, take the 13 minutes to watch it & then an additional 2 to reflect. 15 minutes of self love today and intentionality, it’s good for the soul. 101 more words

The Human Condition


A master chef’s


For the living soul

In text

As a recipe

Michelin star recipe mind!

Formulated thus



A fusion of


Love… 58 more words

Your Truth Requests Wide Open Spaces

Take a deep breath, clear your mind and allow for the truth to any problem, need or desire that you may have, to float in. It never is the loudest, so you have to create the environment for it to be heard. 32 more words

The Human Condition

Coming out of Your Shell

For anything to happen, you must first come out and participate. Show up and see what happens. Take some action- any action. The possibilities are endless, but if you cannot see them from where you are standing – change your view. 11 more words

The Human Condition

It Is Time to Bury the "Honest Broker" Deception

by James M. Wall

In John Ford’s film, The Searchers, Ethan (John Wayne) is talking with his bother Aaron. Ethan has been away from the family for several years. 1,513 more words

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