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The uniqueness of the human condition with all its wonder

and all its folly comes from the exercise of trying to comprehend

an infinite reality thru the apparatus of a finite intelligence.



Recently on the 17th of September my wife’s mother who has lived with us for the last four years passed away. Her name was Irene Wills, I called her “I” like in the way you would say eye and my children called her Nana. 638 more words

The Human Condition

Daily Riches: The Constant Purification of Motive (Richard Rohr and Thomas Keating) *

“Whenever you perform a religious action publicly, it enhances your image as a good, moral person and has a strong social payoff. Jesus’ constant emphasis is on interior religiosity, on purifying motivation and intention. 379 more words

Spiritual Formation

Autumn Trilogy I - Reflected Light

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A blue uniform isn't always a red flag.

I was pretty late driving back home last Thursday night after tending to my grand-baby. To top it off, I knew there was no milk or fruit in the house for my dad to have a decent breakfast the next morning. 527 more words

Real Life

At the (He-)art of Emotions - Part 2

Following on from Part 1 of my exploration into the HEART and how it relates (or not!) to our emotional being and physical body I’d like to pose the question: 375 more words