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Friendship and Pain

The sun had barely awakened the new day; its first efforts to bring light back from beyond the night had only just begun, but I had been unable to settle down to sleep since just before dawn the day before. 982 more words


Deep Forest Vision

In the light of day, I traveled to a remote forest area several miles from the base in Massachusetts. I had driven-by the turnoff several times before while navigating through the surrounding areas, and the entrance always caught my eye. 1,382 more words


The Evanescence of Life: Finding Our Way

Excerpts from “A Lament…” written by Japanese Poet, Yamanoue no Okura (660-733 A.D.)”

What we must accept as we journey through the world
is that time will pass like the waters of a stream; 1,050 more words


to be hopeful

A friend sent me this quotation today. It speaks to me of the human spirit and the impacts that the actions we take today, right now, have on our future. 170 more words

Being Human

Journey of the Human Spirit


“Once we find the transcendent experience and open up to a greater flow of spiritual energy and security within, something profound begins to occur. We begin to see ourselves and our behavior from a higher perspective, from a viewpoint of our more energized higher self. 1,146 more words


Working To Find A Place To Begin Again

Sitting on that hill in California overlooking Monterey Bay was an extraordinary moment–one for which I was also totally unprepared. Life is like that sometimes. We work to find a place for ourselves, searching occasionally in places where we never thought we would find ourselves, and expending efforts that may go on for months at a time. 372 more words


cancer has a long grasp - poem

I had my own run in with cancer recently – better so far, thanks. Cancer is a terrible foe without quarter or remorse. I read another blogger has a sister who is gravely stricken. 138 more words