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Shiny, new stuff

Well, what can I say. When more than three people write in to a) ask where you’ve disappeared to again b) remind you about a post you casually promised to finish and post and c) request you to please blog on either on of your blogs (yeah, talk about pressure!) it’s only a matter of time before you decide to give into the muddle of things you want to say, and resort to a list. 1,444 more words

Life And Times

Trailer Park Living at Old Mac Daddy

On Sunday morning we packed up and headed out to the Old Mac Daddy luxury trailer park in Elgin. A while back I won a one night stay with Natasha Clark over on… 624 more words


30 Days of Kink: 11 - 15

11. What are your views on the ethics of kink?

I think it’s ethical if the people doing it are ethical people. Of course, there are no guarantees of this. 400 more words

My Life


I never wrote anything for my first anniversary except a lousy facebook status update all the way from UK. Yes, we were miles apart. We did celebrate our anniversary before I left, but its not the same as being together on that date, right? 675 more words

tis the season to be CRAZY BUSY

I think this is the first weekend since September that the Man and I don’t have an event or formal plans. I really have no idea where the early, warm fall days went, but I’m so excited for the weeks ahead! 103 more words


how alcohol taught me the way it was going to be

To be completely honest, there’s a big part of the story missing if I leave out the role of alcohol. It would creep up slowly, almost imperceptibly, but I would come to see it as the major third party in our marriage. 1,742 more words

Adair Jones

Things I never want to forget about N #4

And I did it again, the number 3 in this series was posted on 14 and today is 19th but God promise in my mind I had written those 5 posts and scheduled one for everyday as we were traveling on a short anniversary celebration break (more on that in the next post hopefully) but today morning when I logged into the blog and saw there were no published posts, neither there were any drafts saved. 180 more words