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212/365 - Home

Back home, and the husb is attending to the practicalities of life already.

The Husband

10 in 12 {July 4th}

**June 4th 2015 I will celebrate 10 years of marriage with my wonderful husband, and I’m excited to share our story here over the next 12 months (I love our story!). 531 more words


210/365 - Exploring

Today was spent exploring a castle:

Swimming, again:

And painting pottery:

We are having a very fab time.

The Girl

The Munchkin's First* Eid

Eid has been and gone and it was such a different experience with The Munchkin this year. *It’s technically his 2nd Eid but it’s his first Ramadaan Eid and also he was only 3 weeks old on his first Eid so he didn’t experience much. 551 more words


A Quarter of a Century

Despite a small sense of dread at turning the ripe old age of 25, yesterday was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. I thought turning 25 would instantly change me or my life, but I still feel the same. 474 more words


Death by Gluten

When I turned twenty one, it seemed like I lost a ton of energy.

Did that happen to anyone else?

I have always tried to get it back but it has alluded me. 579 more words