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Feeling is Healing

I let myself lose it a bit.  I like to keep control but sometimes I do believe you just have to give into it all and break down.  375 more words


Things about VC that I never want to forget #14

Things about VC that I never want to forget #14
VC is the strangest foodie I know

Back in the day when VC was trying to get to know me, rather than trying to get in my pants, we spent enormous amounts of time at various coffee shops talking a lot of rubbish. 1,568 more words

Life And Times

Can we go back to the weather from Easter please?

I can’t believe how (comparatively) cold and windy and bleak it has seemed the past two days when it was so gorgeous this past weekend. As this weekend looms I’m just hoping for more blue skies and warm winds to grace us.   421 more words


Traveling Husband Equals Cranky Mom

Zach travels for work occasionally, usually a few days per week, a few times per month.  It’s not too bad, unless you’re about to have a baby or have just had a baby.  617 more words

The Kid

Swimmers Test

It took some time but the Hubby finally was able to make it in to get his swimmers tested.  You would have thought this was the biggest undertaking in the world.  286 more words


Beware! The Plague!

Last week we had our first bout of the flu since The Munchkin was born. The Husband was Patient 0. He was down and out so I had to try to work from home so he could rest and let those wonderful flu meds do their thing. 350 more words


The To Do List

So as I was making my to do list this morning, I asked The Husband if there was anything I needed to add.

And he was all: Yes. 850 more words