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Shironeko: The Happiest, Sleepiest Cat in the World

Shironeko, whose name translates to “white cat” in Japanese, goes through his life with a healthy balance of work and play, and all this results in a very happy and peaceful kitty. 39 more words

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Bailey the Golden Retriever Acts Like a Human in These Funny Photos

The golden retriever breed is renowned for their calm and gentle demeanor, and this beautiful canine known as Bailey might just be the most patient of all. 149 more words

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Photographer Says Goodbye to Her Dog of 16 Years with Touching Portrait Shoot

To any pet owner, one of the cruelest things in the world is how short a time our beloved companions have with us on this earth. 265 more words

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Celeste Martearena Photography

Today we feature photos from the portfolio of Celeste Martearena from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

(Photos copyright © Celeste Martearena)

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Meet Banye, the Adorably Surprised Cat

Following in the footsteps (or paw prints) of Grumpy Cat and Angry Cat, this Surprised Cat is ready to join the ranks of internet feline royalty. 90 more words

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Julien Marinetti's 'Doggy John'

Born in 1967, Julien Marinetti spent his youth between the workshops of great artists and national museums. He was only five when he created his first still life oil painting on a tea towel and started frenziedly distorting everyday objects into primitive polychromatic sculptures. 146 more words

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Ana Mendes Photography

Today we feature photos from the portfolio of Ana Mendes from Lisbon, Portugal.

(Photos copyright © by Ana Mendes)

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