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The Impossible

This film is genuinely amazing!

Having been to Thailand a number of times, I know that the country really is beautiful and you couldn’t possibly imagine that such a disaster could strike in true paradise. 183 more words

too encrusted

In light of some of the work I have been doing today, it seems to me now that one can become too encrusted. What is the ego that has become too adapted or too differentiated, perhaps? 79 more words


The Impossible (2012) Review

Have you ever watched movies in which you find yourself in main characters’ situation?

Sure, your answer would be yes, a lot. However, I still want to suggest one more movie, which is… 758 more words

Ewan McGregor

Torture Experiment #Failed (Predictably)

The rationale for torture (otherwise known as ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’) is, itself, tortured. When the current CIA Director argues that we did get valuable information from ‘detainees’ but… 99 more words


One of Those Beautiful Places

We sat in one of those
beautiful places
that is no more or less
than somewhere you’ve been
a thousand times
and only once stop… 182 more words



I admit to having rarely and barely read the New Republic, and yet I can’t help but be perplexed by the ‘TNR is dead!’ hysteria that is seizing the ‘political intelligentsia.’ Specially, I find myself wondering about why it is that Dana Milbank, for example, felt comfortable writing a screed like  632 more words


You were not held: an open letter to 3 outlaws

 Dear Outlaws,

I wonder if you – any one of you – happens to think that you deserve good things to happen to you?

I know you – not one of you –  thinks you deserve good things – … 77 more words