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How (Not) to Avoid Therapy

While I was having dinner, I overheard someone having something like the following conversation:

I don’t want to go see my therapist again because I don’t have anything to talk about now. 445 more words


Writing and My Faith

Well, I have received my first 1 star review fro The Past Hunter: When the Past Comes Calling. That is okay, Not everyone has faith like me. 550 more words

iPhone x iPod Touch Digital Polaroid Printer - The Impossible Instant Lab

All the photos that flood my Instagram and iCloud shared albums are much too good to just be condemned to a folder on your laptop or crowd your storage space on your phone. 106 more words

Tech + Design

Gentler Parenting, Gentler Generation?

It occurs to me, as I listen to the comments, ‘war stories,’ and other bits of information a different generation of parents enjoys sharing, that… 265 more words


100 Days left in 2014. What will you do with them?

I was recently inspired by this article from Matthew Trinetti, https://medium.com/@trinetti/there-are-100-days-left-in-2014-2937a15fece2, to stop feeding myself a line of bullshit and get serious about doing something challenging every day for the last 100 days of 2014. 195 more words

Professional Mom

How and Why I Left the Presbyterian Church (USA)

I don’t think I am procrastinating after all; I may be remembering. I found the following letter I sent to the Committee on Preparation for Ministry (often a little group of people hell bent on eradicating the joy of ministry in young, qualified and committed people preparing for ministry), announcing that I was calling it quits. 1,021 more words