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The Impossible (2012)

The emotive story of human tragedy is at the heart of Bayona’s The Impossible, which means that the infamous 2004 tsunami itself acts more as a catalyst for events, rather than the lead role in a popcorn disaster movie. 524 more words


Impossible At One Time...

Everything at one time or another was thought to be impossible,

but then someone made it happen and it was possible

Heart Of A Fighter

The Impossible, Have you ever seen it?

Have you ever seen something that is impossible? I was raised to believe that nothing is impossible, my grandfather once told me “Nothing is impossible, Just because you haven’t seen it does not mean it cannot happen.” I have lived my life believing in the possibility of anything.


Re: Falling in Love with 01001000 01100101 01110010

*BEFORE YOU READ. This post is slightly overdue because I started it a while ago and never got around to finishing it.*

*Caution, this post concerns a rated “R” movie, so if you can’t handle that stuff, well just read anyways… unless you hate spoilers, but I’ll try to keep those to a bare minimum.

The Impossible (2012)

On Boxing Day 2004 the world changed as a devastating tsunami ripped through the Indian Ocean and caused mass destruction in Indonesia. This film retells the story of a family being ripped apart by its chaos and battling through severe injury and mass pandemonium trying to find each other once the tsunamis subside. 427 more words


Believe In The Impossible...

Always believe in the “Impossible” for at one point

many of the things all around you were thought to be impossible…

Heart Of A Fighter

The Impossible Project - Instant Lab

The Impossible Instant Lab, available to the general public. The portable lab allows you to turn any photograph on your iPhone or iPod Touch into a polaroid print.

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