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A Kenyan teacher was found with one of his pupils in his apartment.It is reported he was trying to seduce the standard 6 girl.Interestingly,he was found with his cock long erected about to put a hole in his trousers.”Aliniambia nitoe nguo alafu anilalie…”,the young shy girl revealed.Angry villagers were armed with clenched fists ready to set upon the man.For it not only for the presence of policemen the man would be in grave!He was escorted to the police station & then face the law#THIS IS AWFUL,TEACHERS SHOULD’NT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUNG PUPILS!*!

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To write is to wrong?

A great quality for one to have is to be able to judge between doing what is right and wrong. I have a very moral soul as a journalist but first and foremost as a human being. 662 more words