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We are not surprised. We are not surprised at all. Let us be honest with ourselves for a change. It was only a matter of time before someone would come up with an idea such as this one. 193 more words

Great Scott! Hoverboards are a real thing.

-By Jeff Reed

Whoa. This is heavy.

Fans of the Back to the Future movies have hoped for years to have some of the technology shown in the future scenes in the films. 120 more words


This Cat Can't Handle These Cute Kittens And Neither Can You

Let’s face it. When faced with something adorable, we’re all going to lose control over ourselves and start talking in baby voices to each other while making gestures at the cute thing. 17 more words

I Can't Do Anything For The Rest Of The Day Because This Baby Is Just Too Adorable

Tell me this isn’t the cutest baby ever. Just do it. He’s getting moisturizer on his face and he just takes it, cooing all the way. 14 more words

Don't be Internet Creepy

Here is a weird thing that happened this morning. (By the way it is only 9:30am and I am already having a little bit of a stress attack due to The Internet. 1,514 more words

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