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Pharrell's "Happy" Without Any Music Is Probably One Of The Creepiest Videos You'll See

Check out this video of Pharrell’s “Happy” with the music stripped from it. It looks like a bunch of people dancing around, doing crazy things. I laughed long and hard at this, and I think you will too.

What Facebook Does To Death And Tragedy

Recently, I’ve been increasingly fascinated by social media’s reaction to tragedy. I say “fascination” not because I’m whimsically enthralled by the notion, but because I find it unsettling how it captures my attention. 767 more words

Raleigh Ritchie - Black And Blue Point Two ft. The Internet (EP)

Syd ‘The Kyd’ (Odd Future) and Matt Martians aka The Internet have remixed a selection of tracks from Raleigh Ritchie‘s first two EPs, … 37 more words


What the Internet Looked Like in 1996: 6 Old Websites That Will Blow Your Mind

If there’s one thing that never gets old, it’s going back through the archives of the World Wide Web and seeing just how much the Internet has changed and evolved since its inception in the 1990s. 184 more words


10 "Normal" Things We'll Be Embarrassed Of By 2024

1. Humblebraggy Facebook statuses.

Right now, they seem normal. You just located a job after ten months of endless resume-sending. It’s only right to log onto Facebook, crack your knuckles triumphantly, and whip up a status along these lines: 881 more words

Through Being Cool

I have this incredibly vivid memory of being eight or nine years old at my neighbor Stacy’s house with some other Bucknell Circle kids when Stacy busted out the tiny seed beads and elastic cord, and I felt this sudden rush of hope and excitement, because seed bead rings were cool and feminine and trendy, and while I couldn’t buy one because I didn’t get an allowance and because the rings at Claire’s were already too small for my oversized prepubescent fingers, I could make a whole bunch right now, I could make one for every finger, I could stack them on three at a time, and they would round out my existing meager collection of Claire’s merchandise and totally complete the hippy look I was going for back then, at eight or nine years old, when I was already painfully aware of being too tall, too fat, too pimply, and too poor, but also painfully aware of my potential coolness, like I was waiting for an invitation to access it, like it was this thing just barely out of reach but I was certain I could attain if I made very decisive, calculated moves in that direction. 1,189 more words

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I Work In A Newsroom And When A Celebrity Dies It's Kind Of Disgusting (Here's What Happens)

The mood in our office following the death of Paul Walker was somber and respectful for about thirty seconds.

Half-remembered details of his life and career were shared, heads were slightly bowed, and moments of reflective silence were observed as everyone quietly wondered what was an acceptable amount of time to leave the body to rest before talking about work. 1,201 more words