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Do We Need More Charters, Or Can Public Schools Just Take Lessons From Them?” by Adam Ozimek.



“We trained chickens to react to an average human female face but not to an average male face (or vice-versa). 128 more words


Why I can't do an Internet Detox -

I’m currently two weeks into my winter semester and all I’ve wanted to do is shut off. I’d love to abandon all of my social medias, my phone and keep internet usage low, but I can’t. 495 more words


For 'West Wing' Addicts, Big Block Of Cheese Day Is Back! Here's A Guide For Beginners.

On Tuesday, President Obama delivered the State of the Union. And then, on Wednesday, he answered questions about it – thanks to The West Wing… 469 more words


Yep, that’s right, I’m not on the dole any longer!

Sadly I was only on the dole for a few weeks, way back in early 2013, so the name for this blog is totally redundant I know, but I’m going to keep it. 374 more words

Facebook Amber Alerts

The story like this one can easily do both broke your heart and steal all of your tears. At the same time, this is a nice reminder what is the main role of technology. 191 more words

10 hilariously terrible photoshops from Deflategate

It’s been a full work week of Deflategate. Many have commented, snarked, and shared their opinions on the New England Patriots and their underinflated footballs. We can all agree it’s been a pretty stupid lead up to the Super Bowl, but here we are. 274 more words