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18 Things That Happen At Bed Bath And Beyond That Are BEYOND Comprehension (Sorry)

1. When employees get sick and tired of folding bath mats all day…

Workin hard or hardly workin @myranosaurusrex #bbbproblems pic.twitter.com/6ZyKwIXpGC

— Brianna (@Brianna_Schuck) May 25, 2013…

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Yes Means Yes

Recently my Facebook feed has lit up with narratives from women in the lit community writing about sexual assault on Tumblr and Medium, naming names of people who have abused them and telling their stories. 1,183 more words

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21 #IKEAFail Photos You All Can Relate To (Oh, So Much)

1. Your stuff won’t fit in your tiny car.

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2. You get two right arms for your loveseat!

Two rights doesn't make it right…

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The Most Common Networking Mistake Everyone Makes

When people ask me for advice about how to get started as a professional writer, my answer is simple: Learn how to network. It’s a bit counterintuitive, since so much writing advice is based on becoming a better writer. 980 more words

The Apple Cult

Oh yes, the time has come for me to dig my filthy paws into the oh-so-loyal Apple users. Apple users have dumped, on average, anywhere from three to five thousand dollars into their iDevices in the past 2 years. 1,289 more words


A Man Accidentally Microwaved His Poop At Work And Well, You Can Pretty Much Guess What Happened

A Redditor writes that he noticed some blood in his stool over a couple of weeks, so he made an appointment with his doctor. It was arranged that he would bring a stool sample and meet with the doctor after work. 28 more words

Dear Seagoat Answers Your Questions: How to Be a Balls-to-the-Wall Poet

Dear Seagoat,

I want to be a poet. I want to teach community college and maybe workshops while living and writing on a farm. But I also need a steady stream of income and enough money to care for my family. 855 more words

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