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Brief Thoughts

At the risk of breaking a promise to myself that I would distance my writings from what Horace (via Dryden) mockingly referred to as the “giddy turns of state” I am nonetheless compelled to post a few thoughts I have long desired to express yet have not had the time of late to do so in greater detail. 2,372 more words

The Reagan sideshow

The Invisible Bridge, Rick Perlstein, Simon and Schuster

Rick Perlstein has just released the third volume in his amazing series of political histories of modern conservatism in America. 472 more words

Review: The Invisible Bridge, by Rick Perlstein (2014)

Musical Accompaniment: “Underdogs” by Liz, feat. RiFF RAFF

Rick Perlstein’s fantastic Invisible Bridge picks up where his equally excellent Nixonland left off: as the skullduggery and intrigue surrounding Watergate begins to bubble up through the surface of the American imagination, leaving terror in its wake. 1,103 more words


A book and some thoughts

I have read a really stunning book recently,  The Invisible Bridge  .

Regular readers will know that I have a longstanding interest in the Holocaust and this wonderful book looks at the lives of two families of Hungarian Jews and the effects of the War (that is WW2) upon them. 294 more words

Book Review