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The Book Jar: The Jane Austen Book Club

Where is Jane Austen?

Where is the story?

The only reason I picked up this book is because of the title and I sincerely believe that a lot of the population who has read this book did the same as me. 196 more words


My Fave Character: Jocelyn

I’ve reviewed The Jane Austen Book Club, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I did write a short bio of the characters in my review. But I wanted to expand on my favourite character, Jocelyn. 315 more words


Taylor Swift and the Zombie Apocalypse

“If you chase two rabbits,” Taylor Swift told USAToday, “at some point you end up losing both.”

By rabbits she means commercial markets, and for her maximizing revenues requires an allegiance to the larger bunny, pop, as her jilted country fans hop away. 1,701 more words

'Fangirling' over Jane Austen

Happy Halloween everyone! I know I should probably be posting a Halloween something but I started this post last Sunday with every intention of posting it by Tuesday (which obviously did not happen). 731 more words


Week 43: The Jane Austen Book Club

books = babies

Remember the seaguls from Finding Nemo, with their nasal voices repeating mine mine mine? Yep, that’s how most book fanatics think of their favourite books and authors, and certainly in this novel, that’s how the majority of the book club members feel about Austen. 898 more words

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