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Discussion! Mou’s Top Ten Comic Book Runs, Part One

My name is Mou, and I am a comic book fan. (Hello, Mou!) A longtime comic fan. Longtime, like 43 years longtime. I read my first comic book, … 1,409 more words


who Played the Best Batman: Part II

I guess we’re lucky the internet was not around in the late 80s. You think people were up in arms over Ben Affleck being cast as Batman? 344 more words

Captain's Log...

Master of Pop Culture: Interview with Shaun Noble

Comic book characters and figures from popular culture fascinate us.  Think of Superman, Batman, and the Green Lantern, just to name a few, and realize how they invade every aspect of our culture, including movies, clothing, and music.   962 more words

Artist Interviews

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Sometimes things happen which are just happy happy joy joy things. Today such a thing happened. No, McNulty didn’t get run over by a truck. No, Fred Nile didn’t get discovered in a parliamentary closet wearing a gimp outfit buggering a goat. 287 more words

Batman: Assault on Arkham - Movie Review

Assault on Arkham is a very cool film and a must own addition to any bat fans DVD collection. You gotta love the line up this film you got all the heavy hitters in one flick. 201 more words