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ReStore Score

Over the past few weeks, I’ve started making it my weekly routine to stop at the Habitat Humanity ReStore.  The ReStore has everything from donated new furniture to tile to used appliances.  205 more words

The Journey

Day 1 - Brutal Honesty

“A knight in shining armor is a man who has never truly had his metal test” – Unknown

See, why I feel this blog will different too so many before and after it, it because yes it’s about a journey, but also that it’s about brutal honesty.

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The Journey

Update & Thoughts (Plus Weigh-In!)

I keep telling myself to set a reminder to post, but I kept forgetting to remind myself. :O)

Nonetheless, I’m here now.

Saturday’s weigh-in was not great but not bad either. 509 more words

The Journey

Unmasked Lies

I hate the masks we wear each day. The ones that keep others away.

We keep what is real concealed



Why hide inside while lies build masks… 123 more words


I'm feeling like an Aussie: Part 2

Continued from ‘I’m feeling like an Aussie: Part 1’…

After the touch footy games my floor (University Hall – 3B) had their floor party. Our theme was a year in a night as we celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Australia Day, Cinco de Mayo, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and New Years! 1,788 more words

The Journey

A new journey...

This is going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever written, said or done. This journey is going to hurt, physically and emotionally, but it’s going to be so rewarding and important to my life. 1,205 more words

The Journey

How do we start...

Well after my first post stating that I’m going on a journey, I guess it’s time to look at what exactly I want to do. I think it’s obvious that I want to change something, but what exactly do I want to change? 945 more words

The Journey