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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Let me just say that I LOVE Cinnamon and Sparkles and feel very honored to have her nominate me for this award.  From the moment I decided to stick my head out my tower window and explore this exciting world she has been inspiring me to be more expressive with others and to not be afraid to admit what turns me on even if others won’t understand.   467 more words

The Journey

Black-Jacks, Desert Highways for Dessert

It’s been a long trip so far. This one anyway.

It’s weird because there’s no real promises at the end, no pots of gold.

If peace of mind was all about being comfortable, and finding comfort the highest attainable place or goal? 1,342 more words


Reigniting the Spark

Several weeks ago, author and blogger, Justine Brooks Froelker, gave me the honor and privilege to read a chapter of my choice and then write a review for her soon to be released book, … 744 more words

The Journey

Temporary Lay Off

It has been done before. There are too many things flying at you and you put your hands up in halt. You don’t surrender because you are weak or scared–you surrender because you are just plain ol’ tired. 345 more words

Being Sadie May

The Day Has Come

There are always things that individuals wait for in life, sometimes counting down the days until that thing, whatever it is, comes. It could be good news or bad news, the beginning or end of the school year or workday, marriage, birth, death, weight loss, doctor’s visit, and so on. 737 more words

The Journey

Do You Need to Count Calories?

Wow isn’t this is a hotly debated area? It’s also an area that I have discussed before on the blog and all over social media as well. 1,015 more words


Positivity Project Day 7

This is it. Today is the seventh and final day of The Positivity Project. What a great experiment. I am wholeheartedly willing to accept responsibility for some of the negativity in my life and also to acknowledge that I have the power to change it. 270 more words