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Chess Pieces

The gathering of knowledge can be a powerful tool.

Why are you here at the Force Academy studying? Is it merely social interaction you seek? If so there are many other chat channels that are available. 1,312 more words

Sith Teachings

Mimi's Poetry

Okay, you know Mimi, right? My little sister? Who is reading the Harry Potter series? And… I’m supposed to be posting her “reviews” and reactions? Uh, yeah, okay, she’s on the last book but that’s not what this post is about — Mimi showed me a poem and I need to share it. 160 more words


Brilliant bloodwork...

Many can condemn things for their outward appearances.  This may be obvious.  But…once one looks past the obvious, they may begin to see something very different appear.


Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Olde English)

A pretty decent documentary on the history of this brilliant poem and piece of language heritage.


Come to me my body...

“I give you a year’s grace to grow your beard.  Twelve sweet, short months of life to do with as you will.

But when the seasons have come full circle, we shall meet again and you shall pay your debt to me.” 25 more words