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William Blake - The Lamb

          For those of you who may not know, William Blake was a poet in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Even though this is technically before romanticism, many people view Blake as a Romantic Poet. 259 more words


Random Thoughts #13: Kid-isms!!

A whole post dedicated to the quotable daycare kids I help watch :) They’ve been super talkative lately ;)

3rd grade boy: “God is like water. 415 more words


No Iceland

Reindeer live

Or in Burger form

Food And Drink

The Crowd

Driving by the corner store by the high school I felt free. The crowd around the store was made up of students, and I was now a college freshman. 459 more words


How Father, Son, and Spirit, Can Be: One God


Some people have a problem with the doctrine of the Trinity because they say that the word Trinity does not appear in the Bible. 2,001 more words

Jesus Is God