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A Lifetime of Film – Ashe’s Top Ten from 1992

A Lifetime of Film covers one specific year of a Cinefessions’ writers existence, from birth to now, and goes over their top ten films from that year. 1,503 more words


Blackhat REVIEW: "Black sh*t ass hat"

I am so pumped to write this review because I am furious.

Blackhat is directed by Michael Mann, famous for directing acclaimed movies like The Last of the Mohicans, 1,013 more words

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Throwback Thursday- 1990's Daniel Day Lewis- The Crucible (1996) And The Last Of The Mohicans (1992)

Daniel Day Lewis is one of the best actors of his generation. A versatile, powerful actor, he disappears into his roles, making the audience forget that what they are seeing is fiction. 260 more words

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Grass & Vanilla Notes

Towards the end of each year, I clean the  bookshelves in my study.I am unable to devote much time earlier because I guess I have too many books; I am perpetually buying them or someone or the other is gifting them to me.Then there are all these tragically mundane things to do everyday, you know like eat,sleep,shower,go to work etc, which do not leave me anytime to spring clean my books.Because, you see,its such a pleasurable activity and so damn exhilarating, that I prefer to reserve a special time for it.I wouldn’t want to just do it as a chore.Its like a sacred ritual to me because my books bring back so many memories.The place I bought them from or the person who gifted them to me or the weather at that time or my mood at that moment…so many little and big stories of my life are so intricately and intrinsically connected to my books and to who I am.In a sense, they are my identity. 598 more words

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