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On crying

I’m really hesitant about this post. I think the furor of a certain, ineffective internet/twitter movement that shall not be named, has died down enough that I can get away with this without having to moderate people disagreeing in less than poetic terms. 448 more words


And now for more of this.


So, I just finished beating The Last of Us. It turned out to be pretty dark and creepy. It definitely ended with a major creep factor. 607 more words

The Last of Us: Remastered (Review) Not Enough Dad Jokes

My gaming tastes have changed since I became a dad and not just because I didn’t have time anymore either. You see having a kid really moves around your perspective and goals and desires. 871 more words

Video Games

Sony Is Going To Be Making A Lot Of Movies Based On Video Games

As we’ve noted before, Sony is struggling with its major film franchise, the Spider-Man movies. But any major movie studio needs to have at least a few series putting butts in seats these days. 235 more words


Race in Videogames: Burning questions from the peanut gallery.

Today I received some intriguing questions in regards to the article I posted the other day you can read that piece here. Now I want you all to know I’m an open book, I tell it like it is and I’m open to discussion and all that jazz. 479 more words

GameStop's full Black Friday ad leak: PS4 bundle $400, Xbox One from $330, GTA V Shark cards 50% off, more

Now that Black Friday is less than two weeks away, we are getting a look at what major national game retailer GameStop will have to offer. 197 more words

Best Buy

Final Thoughts on "Left Behind"

Note: spoilery discussion of the end of “Left Behind,” DLC for The Last of Us


So here’s two immediate takeaways from TLOU, LB that hit: more to come: 2,358 more words