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NOC Recaps The Legend of Korra: Battlefield Earth

Episode Eight: “The Terror Within”

Note from Julie: This week, I’m going to keep the recap brief in order to discuss Nickelodeon’s decision to pull The Legend of Korra off the air into online-only distribution, and to showcase some choice cosplay from San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend! 914 more words


The Legend of Korra Review: "The Terror Within"

Episode 3.08. Warning: Spoilers follow.

Team Avatar is still in Zaofu, and as Korra continues to pick up metalbending like a pro, Bolin continues to struggle.

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Coffee Time News 28/07/14

So with Comic-Con churning out a whole heap of things, the best of which those who weren’t there didn’t get to see, picking our usual 3 pieces a group was a little difficult, so this week, if we’re ever short on news or announcements, we may be taking from the Comic-Con Harvest. 323 more words

Coffee Time News

The Legend of Korra – Season 3, Episode 2 Review – Rebirth

                We haven’t just arrived at the best season of “The Legend of Korra”, we’ve also arrived at, thus far, the best episode of “Korra”. This episode has it all: humor, drama, action, new characters and locations, and has magically turned a full 180 from last season’s suffering character development. 1,316 more words


The Legend of Korra – Season 3, Episode 1 Review – A Breath of Fresh Air

                We covered “Avatar: The Last Airbender” with a full series review. We covered “The Legend of Korra” seasons “Air” and “Spirits” each with a season review. 1,579 more words


"The Legend of Korra" Creators Explain the Non-Cancellation Choice!

After the uproar that was caused due to “The Legend of Korra” being pulled off of the Nickelodeon main channel, co-creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino felt that they should explain in depth a little more about the decision they made at Comic-Con panel this morning. 186 more words