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Feeling Snarly

I’m finally getting into my writing rhythm of four hours a day that I promised myself I would aspire to this year. I break it up into 30 minute bite-sized bits by setting a timer to go off every half hour so I can stand up, stretch my arthriticals, ablute, eat, do chores, ( 286 more words


That's all folks!

Just one final post to let you all know this blog will close on the 31st January 2015.

If you would still like to follow Miss May Dupp during her misadventures you still can, she will now appear on… 46 more words

The Life And Times Of!

Mrs Widds Bakes

But before we get to that, here’s some good news. In November I had my 1-year-later cancer scan, and everything was clear.


And … HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone … so glad to see we all made it, although it was a close call for some of us. 267 more words


Apparently I'm moving.

I got a little less than a year out of this blog, and now she who must be obeyed has decided that I must move back to her site. 290 more words

The Life And Times Of!

S'not the New Year I hoped for!

I know you’ve all been waiting patiently to hear about my great misadventures over the New Year period. You were imagining all sorts I’ll bet, the Wicky Digit full to the rafters, firemen actually getting their kit off and Onda grabbing a sneaky snog off Knuckles as the clock struck midnight while I screamed at the top of my voice…..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! 426 more words

The Life And Times Of!

May-ry Christmas!

I thought it only polite that I least stop by and say Merry Christmas to you all. I hope however that you don’t mind if I say it very quietly, I did my own version of Scrooge last night and got visited by some Christmas spirits, only mine came in a bottle and manifested into a shot glass. 110 more words

The Life And Times Of!

Show Me What You Mean: Cover Art

You know that feeling when you’re learning a new skill and probably have a grasp of the mechanics but it hasn’t connected to the viscera? 200 more words