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Come Home for Easter

As I write this, it is a beautiful (albeit unseasonably chilly) day in Chattanooga, TN. Although it hasn’t seemed like it the past couple of days (30′s and rainy), spring is in the air (as is the pollen), and that means a time of new beginnings: New foliage, new life, new birth… Tennessee is such a beautiful place in the spring. 260 more words

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When The Mighty Oaks Fall...

For about 14 years, I had a radio program called CenterPoint. The person who produced my program was a recording-producer who was a member of my church. 426 more words

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Easter and the Blood Moon

This year, as I have said, is the “year of the open door” in Hebrew. This is based on the fact that the Hebrew word for 4 is “dalat” which is a gateway. 548 more words

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Brueggemann's Typology of Function Paradigm

Walter Brueggemann’s essay Psalms and the Life of Faith: A Suggested Typology of Function [1] initiated nothing less than a new paradigm of psalms interpretation. It has much to commend it. 711 more words


Will the Real Jesus Please Show Up?

Go with me here…

Imagine if Jesus were a guest speaker in the average church. First, ever the good Samaritan, He may be running slightly late, having stopped to help some unfortunate family stranded  by the side of the road. 1,137 more words

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Learning To Fly

When he was 18 years old, Will was injured in during a game of hockey.

Although his injuries were not serious, depression crept in and Will became withdrawn, declining entry into an ivy-league school, and living mostly housebound. 135 more words

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'Psalms - New Cambridge Bible Commentary', by Walter Brueggemann and William H. Bellinger, Jr.

Walter Brueggemann and William H. Bellinger, Psalms, New Cambridge Bible Commentary, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2014).

Opening Remarks
It has seemed like a long wait for this commentary. 1,142 more words