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Grief: How to Survive It

I was up early the day my whole world changed forever.

My boyfriend was in a triathlon race 1000 kilometers away and I felt wretched that I hadn’t been able to be there to cheer him on when he crossed the finish line. 1,412 more words

The Truth About Fear

It was Saturday morning and I was in the kitchen cleaning up after making the girls their favorite breakfast of waffles and fruit. From my vantage point by the sink, I had a clear view into my bedroom. 1,694 more words

Upbeat Living:  Home is where?

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Life is very busy, noisy, and fluid today.  People relocate a lot.  For some people, the idea of “home” is a very comforting and stabilizing essence, a community or a house to return to for peace and warmth.  821 more words


Upbeat Living:  Your Life Gates

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For a moment, think of all the most wonderful gates you have ever seen.  What came in and went out through those gates?  896 more words


UpBeat Living: 5 Top Tips to Beat Credit Card Stress

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This column is committed to helping you trade in your stress for energy.  I want you to enjoy life much more, by making a few changes, yielding more satisfaction and far less stress.  936 more words