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What is God?

God, in truth, is only a word and nothing more.   Yahweh, Allah, Jehovah, Brahman, Jah, all of these names are words that are literally equivalent in their meaning.   542 more words

The Meaning of Christmas - A short Story

The scene was a familiar one. The street was filled with people hustling and bustling and jostling with each other from time to time. Their breaths hung in the freezing air like little trails of smoke. 545 more words


Discord: The god of chaos

I love ancient mythology…always have.  I enjoy reading the myths and legends of a particular group of people because it gives an opening through which to see their values and thought process.   648 more words

Spiritual Growth

The Light

The day’s reminiscence was cold and unnerving. I lay on the bathroom floor looking up at a fan, the buzzing sound was mind numbing. The light next to it slightly flickered .The flickering created a soundless melody that was enchanting. 74 more words

Seeing the Summit...

Man, how good do you think it feels for those trying to climb all the way to Mount Everest’s summit to finally make it? Or even just to see the top – their goal? 1,036 more words

Noticing the Light

My heart enjoys the solitude
While my mind wonders at it all


#TBT - Common - The Light

I like to believe, that with this track, Common was able to lure Serena Williams.

This was basically the ultimate love track that hip-hop birthed and let’s be clear that Mizz Badu had her hand in this influence. 37 more words