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Fuckin' Drunk

Just got back from the club and I’m totally debating waiting up for my roommate, oh wait, she’s back. I wasn’t sure if she’d spend the night with the dancing Frenchman and damn can Frenchie dance! 331 more words


Reach for the Light


Reach for the light,

Even when it’s so dark

You can’t tell black from grey;

Reach for the light,

Though everything else about you

Beckons you to stay and remain; 60 more words


Adventure 71- Starman faces invaders from the future, and Hourman develops the Miraclo Ray

Time machines tend to be spherical in the DC Universe, and the one invented in the Starman story in Adventure 71 (Feb 42) fits the mold perfectly. 314 more words

Adventure 65 - Starman faces The Light again

The Light returns, but of course the cover to Adventure 65 (Aug 41) does not reflect this.  Why would it?

After reports of ships losing control of their ability to steer and being rammed against each other, Starman heads out to sea to investigate, and finds a giant submersible laboratory.  131 more words

Adventure 63 - Starman does not battle The Light, and a check in with Hourman

The cover of Adventure 63 (June 41) clearly represents the story in Issue 62.  A shrunken Starman taking on The Light.  For reasons clear only to them, it was not unusual in the 1940s for comic book covers to represent stories that appeared in other issues.  97 more words

Adventure 62 - Starman battles The Light and Mark Lansing says goodbye

Starman faces off against The Light in Adventure 62 (May 41), a mad scientist who has developed a shrinking ray.  Burnley’s art is even better on this issue than on the previous one, and though the Light is simply a balding bearded man in a white coat, he looks far more menacing than most of the villains that have appeared in this book so far. 198 more words

Jim Mullin, the early days of Chicago: Music, Design and Photography


 JM Couture was launched in the summer of 2009 in Chicago as a t-shirt company to support Jim Mullin’s music project, “The Light” and other music projects featured on MTV. 279 more words