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Apartment Shopping

The Apartment by The Line showcases beautiful products to purchase as they may look curated in a home. A beautiful New York apartment home. Ummm Yes Please! 33 more words

Mrs Adorable

New Ideas

So, in response to last week’s critique, I decided to do one of two things: either reorganize my workbook idea to be organized on the wall with overlapping dialogues as background noise, or create a whole new piece. 253 more words


The Communication of the New Idea

I ended up not going on Monday, and as the verdict for the Michael Brown case in Ferguson was released, I knew I needed to include articles on that as well. 70 more words


The Focus on the New Idea

As I went through old newspapers I stole was given from The Jet, I realized that there was too much happening in even just one week let alone everything since the beginning of the line on October 27th. 247 more words


The LINE Made Me Do It

This is the first outcome of this final project. It has pushed me so much to do things in a way I would have never done on my own. 174 more words


The Void (by J.D. Horn)

Urban Fantasy

Book three and the conclusion to the Witching Savannah series has Mercy Taylor and her family continuing their battle against the foes arrayed against them. 182 more words

Finally Inspired

I really had my heart set on one picture from atop the Alfred State campus. I did not have a lot of luck last time around so I did not keep my hopes up but hey! 231 more words