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Hybrid Sessions Photos

These are a few shots of the alternative rock fusion band, Hybrid Sessions taken at The Living Room in Stroudsburg, PA. Hybrid Sessions features a horn section and varying song structure of different genres, keys, time signatures, and tempos. 38 more words

Crying in Supermarkets

When did you stop being an artist?

I’ve recently thought of doing one of those 30 day writing challenge things. You know, they give you prompts and then you let your fingers fly. 125 more words

The Living Room

Where We Began

It often starts with fashion. I cut my hair to a shape I wore it long ago. I buy the boots I dreamed of wearing as a teenager, but couldn’t afford. 347 more words

The Living Room

Between Two Rooms

In 1959, our family moved from an older 2 story farm house in a rural community north of Seattle, to a rambler style home on seven acres just outside the city limits of Olympia, Washington.  514 more words


The Living Room - I Believe in Christmas Eve!

The Living Room

I Believe in Christmas Eve!

 “A baby on its mother’s back does not know the way is long”. African Proverb.

 Esther looked forward to one special night of the year when she won’t be lonely in her quiet home.  3,207 more words


Review: The Living Room by Bill Rolfe

All the reviews of this book are saying that it is a miracle itself, but I don’t see it as a miracle, as I see it as a book which teaches you an unforgettable lesson about life and how you should be, or act in society and with your friends which sometimes can be something more than „just friends”. 292 more words

Recenzii Carti

A Short Quote on Anxiety

A short quote on anxiety from the book I’m currently reading:

“In 1915, Walter Cannon, the chair of the physiology department at Harvard Medical School, coined the term “fight or flight” to describe Darwin’s idea of an “alarm reaction”.

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The Living Room