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Neighbors Movie Recap/Review (7/10)

I know I’m probably way behind with this review, but I just saw it a couple of days ago. Neighbors is a decent comedy film that has laughs, but not as many as I was hoping for, which was a bit disappointing. 1,658 more words



Some people get lucky that what they love doing as a hobby can turn into a full time job. I would say that was true for artists such as… 260 more words


The Lonely Island Retrospective

The Lonely Island is an all male band who became famous through SNL.  I was first introduced to them through their song, “Jizz in my Pants.”  I learned of their other songs like “Dick in a Box, I’m on a Boat, and I’m a Boss.”  I was a fan of their music when their song, “I Just Had Sex.” came out.   475 more words


YOLO: How to

In this music video by The Lonely Island, we get a new twist on the meaning yolo. Yolo stands for you only live once, in a way it’s the new generations way of saying carpe diem. 558 more words

When Will The Bass Drop?

Here’s an hilarious random video for you.  The Lonely Island have done it again with this parody sketch that pokes fun at the whole electronica/dubstep scene.   35 more words


The Not Test Post (Shelli Reviews the Equalizer and Gets too Snarky for her Own Good )

Hello, hello, hello! I’d like to open up by saying that I have created an about me page that I thus far can’t figure out where it got to. 312 more words