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College Advice

From one of the worst college students in history.

Months and months ago I graduated… sort of. If I care about accuracy, I have to say; months and months and months ago I finished all the requirements necessary for graduating. 701 more words

I'd like to thank the Academy . . .

We are super stoked that Storm was chosen-out of what I can only imagine to be millions of submissions-as one of Outside Magazine’s 24 Favourite Camper Vans. 22 more words

The Long And Winding Road

Give me the Loop, give me the Loop.

We try to log one week-long trip a month, and last month we journeyed down to Seattle to partake in some good old-fashioned ball-gaming. While we busted some serious moves on the I-5 on our way down, we happily meandered back up via highway 9 and took in the sights of small town America. 353 more words

The Long And Winding Road

Peru. Coles Notes.

My knowledge of the Incan civilizations prior to our trip was next to non-existent. While I would generally encourage even a working knowledge of local history when travelling, I can’t say that I really did that much research other than trying to ¬†ensure that I wouldn’t insult locals or do something culturally insensitive. 926 more words

The Long And Winding Road