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5 Reasons Why The Harry Potter Series Is The Best Gift For A 9-Year Old

The most thrilling part about reading fiction is that it provides the mind with an escape. A sort of a metaphorical freedom. But inculcating that into the mind-set of your child, niece or nephew is not an easy task. 500 more words

Simple And Naughty

Check out this Hilarious Lord of the Rings style Safety Video Starring Elijah Wood

Air New Zealand is known for making viral worthy safety videos, yet their latest one, titled ”The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made” is possible their best one yet. 52 more words


Should Writing Style be a Deterrent against Reading a Story?

One thing that always seems interesting to me is that an author’s writing style and their stories are not necessarily linked. I have heard many people say they cannot get through Tolkien’s… 348 more words


Complexity and Contradiction In Games

In Architecture there’s this idea that if you are trying to make a building feel light then you should make the joints light (eg, bound timber joints, lightly webbed trusses), or if you want it to feel solid then the materials and joints should be solid too (concrete, solid beams).

386 more words

The Petulant Child

No man enjoys being treated like a child. Well, okay, maybe some men do, but that’s an entirely different issue. In fact, that’s probably something to be discussed on an entirely different blog. 891 more words

The Silmarillion

Author:  J.R.R. Tolkien

Genre:  Fantasy


Enjoyability/Awesomeness:  7

  • Action:  7
  • Suspense:  6
  • Boredom:  5
  • Romance:  7
  • Magic:  8
  • Thrills:  4

Recommended Age Range:  15+