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5 Questions with Lumineers pianist Stelth Ulvang

When I met Stelth Ulvang, he was standing on the side of the road halfway between Cincinnati and Indianapolis with his thumb up. I told my now-fiancée that we should pick him up, adding comfortingly, “He’s safe: he has a skateboard.” 576 more words

Classy girls don't kiss in bars

By Sofia

“Classy girls” (listen to it here) is one of my favorite songs by the Lumineers. As you may already have guessed, it is about a classy girl. 594 more words

Classy Girls

Music Tuesday - An Autumn Playlist

Well, since yesterday was my anniversary, I had to declare it a non-music monday for my blog.

Today, however, can be an all music day! YAY! 159 more words


Ho Hey - Sax Instrumental track

I recorded this version of Ho Hey on tenor sax for my sister’s wedding. Check it out on Soundcloud here.


One Year Later

It’s funny how music can transport you. Last night I was walking home through Elon, listening to the playlist I listened to every day through the streets of Dublin and with each song I was transported back. 415 more words

The Lumineers Are Working on Their Next Album

We last heard from the Lumineers with the release of a song they wrote for The Walking Dead, “Visions of China.”

But soon, we’ll be hearing a whole lot more from them because the Denver folk rock band is at work on their sophomore album, the followup to their 2012 self-titled debut. 176 more words