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Fresh Listen: Seattle’s Vaudeville Etiquette Releases Debut Album, ‘Debutantes & Dealers’

A burgeoning star in the Seattle music scene, Vaudeville Etiquette released their new album ‘Debutantes & Dealers’ (Sunyata Records) on April 15th.

Despite drawing comparisons to stripped folksy artists like… 131 more words


Song of the Week #3

This week’s song, is a bit of an oldy. It’s Ho hey (or Hey Ho, think they changed it) by The Lumineers. It’s such a happy fun song and it just gives me this warm feeling insiiiiiide hahaha. 65 more words

Rest your legs

Been my jam lately.

“..Slow it down, Angie, come back to bed.
Rest your arms, rest your legs.”

One of those sing two lines over and over again around the house kind of songs for me.


Flowers In My Hair

A few weeks ago I went on a delightful morning walk with my children, and during the course of the walk my youngest son careful chose two dandelion flowers for me, and wove them – clumsily and charmingly – into my hair. 49 more words


Ho Hey- The Lumineers

How have I posted their other videos and never this one? I’m slacking.

The Lumineers: "It's a long road to wisdom, but it's a short one to being ignored."


Listening to the Lumineers is like reading a very poetic book. I can almost taste the beer and inhale cigarettes from the bar; a mellow and drowning kind of euphoria much like visiting an abandoned house with its creaky and dusty floorboards on a summer with a heightened and hypnotic trance. 27 more words