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Lyceum 9 ending: We have to save her

“We have to save her,” said Angelica.

“Obviously,” said Daphne.

“Bowshots!” said Arnulf.

“You brought your bow,” replied Daphne, “which you don’t own?”

“We could make a catapult out of trash,” said Tom, looking around. 1,956 more words

Lyceum 9 continued: Following the Mangle Trucks

Everyone began running around in circles in front of the garage door, except for Tom and Arnulf. “Try weaving the thing?” said Tom. “You know, the thing you weave, that Ash showed us?” 1,296 more words

Lyceum 9 beginning: The Mangle Trucks

IX. The Mangle Trucks

On the Monday of the week before Thanksgiving week, Tom and Ange and Arn and Daph were sitting around in Tom’s room, giving Eva the eight-handed pet, when hurried feet came up the stairs. 970 more words

Lyceum 8 (the rest): Within sight of the dock

It was easy, as it turned out. Aside from (1) avoiding Limpy Month near the stair door, (2) waiting twenty minutes for Timms to decide which pieces of junk to drag into his workshop to transform into something useful or magical, and (3) extricating Cloudius’s foot from a puppy-sized rat scorpion lizard, they got in, got what they wanted and got out to Giordano’s. 1,572 more words

The People of the Lyceum

First Year Class, Lyceum of the Lake Wind (age 12)

1. mistress Ash, Ann
Daphne Golden (Hartway WI) Mom has magical ability
Arnulf Shmoke (Sigurd Iowa) Dad (x) had magic… 387 more words

Lyceum 8 beginning: Amphibian and bivalve

VIII. Amphibian and Bivalve

“Three weeks to Thanksgiving break,” said Cloudius, “then three weeks to Christmas.”

“Your math is a little optimistic,” Angelica judged. “Thanksgiving is—wait. 912 more words


Lyceum 7 ending: Halloween punks

That night was the Halloween Ball. The first-years didn’t get to stay beyond the first hour, but that was enough time to get in a little dancing. 957 more words